Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I learned something a few years ago. How to meet or beat expectations and what to do when something went wrong. Remember, “No matter what, SOMETHING will go wrong” – its just the nature of business. 

There is with in all of us, a “Bank of Goodwill”. Whether we know it or not, we add goodwill to, or withdraw our approval from, this “bank account” depending on how things are going. We do it with families, friends, clubs, organizations, and it can be translated to almost anything. 

It applies to businesses, big ones and small local ones. Some people or groups we automatically open the account with a large amount of “Good Will”, some start off in the negative balance range. It is entirely individual to each of us. But as a group, it has tremendous impact on who we like or who we trust. They go hand in hand.

A client’s perception of your business and whether you met their expectation can be influenced by something as simple as how requests are handled. Interaction with your employees can color their attitude toward your business and being a repeat client. 

How you distinguish what is occurring, is how the “total balance” is reflected in “bank balance”. Everyday, each action and each person working in with you is adding or subtracting from the balance in “The Bank of Good Will” customers carry in their heads.

When trust is high, and expectations are being met these are “deposited” to the account increasing value. When questions are answered, fully and in a way that can be understand, another plus to the “bank” account. Lots of little things add up to large additional deposit sums. Without even knowing it, every day that goes by, when it is a good one, and no bad event, no crass or tacky behavior by an associate - a plus goes in.  

Everyday business, just answering the phone, having someone respond in a respectful manner, smiling at a customer and thousands more daily interactions can generate large deposits to the “Bank of Good Will”. 

Occasionally, there is a hic-cup, something negative occurs and a withdrawal is made. Sometimes there is a bigger problem, and the withdrawal is larger. These withdrawals, negative things, that decrease balances in the “Bank”, are not the creation of any one person or one occurrence. Rather they are an accumulation. 

It is actually hard to overdraw the account because we, as people, have a huge degree of respect & trust for our neighbors. It’s very American to be forgiving. But when there is a steady drip, drip, drip of problematic issues, the account balance begins to enter dangerously low balance territory. There is a direct correlation between Good Will and its currency - Trust. Damage one - you damage the other. 

            Make your business a BILLION DOLLAR BALANCE in the BANK OF GOOD WILL!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Jordan Walker
Sometimes we mistake a costume for a Super Hero. You know, Ironman, Wolverine, Green Arrow - costumed wonders - but they are "made-up" characters. Personally I like my heros to be real. That's why I believe in Superman - 'cause I know he's real. I saw him - and it had nothing to do with lifting buildings.

Christoper Reeves, star of the Superman, turned out to be the genuine article. If you remember, he became a paraplegic after a debilitating spinal cord injury. And that's when he showed us, all of us, how incredibly courageous, brave, and SUPER he really was. 

Right here in Corona, we have our own SUPERHERO - Jordan Walker. Son, brother, teammate, friend, soldier in the battle for his own life.  But he teaches us more about ourselves, than we can teach him. By his fearsome bravery in dealing with this injury, he show us about perseverance in his daily acts of courage. He teaches us about love and kindness in his consistency of faith. 

So, what can we do? Show him we see the SUPERMAN he has become. Corona restaurants are invited to join "Dine Out for Jordan Walker Day" on April 7th, 2014, where a minimum of 20% of sales that day will be donated to Jordan and his family. Questions? 951 737-3550. It's just a guess, but I betcha they can also assist you in making an individual donation too.

Step up to the line of scrimmage - where Jordan plays everyday - your hit is a financial one and helps him to gain the yardage he deserves for his effort.


Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Amazing story of a Canine War Veteran and his "SEAL Dad"

Okay folks, you will LOVE LOVE LOVE this story - and it's not made  up - it happened! 

We all love our pets, but as Turbo (the wonder dog) proves, they can be so much more to us than we even imagine. Turb - trained to be a War Dog - saved lives in Afghanistan. He became a vital and important part of his Seal Team. 

There is some controversy, and I have this from a trusted source - Turbo himself - an awful lot of stuff has been written about  his (Turbo's) eating habits, Which "may" have been portrayed as, shall we say, indiscriminate. The "Turb" disagrees, and wants us to note that we (humans) eat all kind of weird things, like snails, rattlesnakes, and crocodiles, salads, and he never calls attention to that in his beloved companions. So when he finds bunny "candy", or a little "ripe" goat ...a little allowance should be made for personal preference. Other than that - he's cool!
Turbo the dusty warrior

Just go to AMAZON 

You have a phone, but do you answer it?

Technology is great. You can do so much, but the simple things in business still matter. 

We been around for 20 years, promoting "LOCAL BUSINESS", and we're good at it but you have to help.When your phone rings - it's a really good idea to answer it. Stop screening your calls - don't lie to me - I know you screen - I called you!  

Phones, they do everything, they connect us to the cat videos, the stupid pet tricks, graphs and spreadsheets. There is still 1 thing they do better than almost any piece of technology - they connect you to a client or customer - maybe a new one! So when you hear it ring - ANSWER!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Be as Thankful as your pet!

It's time to give thanks. Thank you for your continued support and loyalty to our LOCAL COMMUNITY GUIDES!.

Thanks to our families and friends for their love and affection.
Thanks for the laughter that made our days lighter and our hearts swell with joy.

Thanks that we are living in a lovely city...wonderful state...and the greatest nation to grace the earth.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

You can HEAR a smile....

We know being in small - local - business is no day at the beach...unless you work in Maui, but it doesn't cost a dime to smile. 

When you answer your phone make sure you have a smile on your face, studies show the person on the other side of the connection can "hear" the positivity that shines through a smile. So, even when you don't want's a way to elevate those pesky endorphin's. AND we all look better doing it. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Who knew? Well the YOGA DEN knew, but I didn't.
"Restorative" & "Gentle" Yoga are an amazing way to get in touch with yourself. Feeling stressed? (and who among us isn't?) Feeling default setting somedays. Feeling the need to stretch it all out? If any of these are the questions - YOGA DEN IS THE ANSWER!!

What have you got to lose - stress, irritation, knots in your muscles? Plus you can feel good about the soothing wonderfulness of doing something just for you!!